I tried. I did everything I could think of. I got married. I had two kids. I tried to fool everyone that I was just like them. God, why did you come Abby? Because you needed me. There’s no one here to save.


Maura and Laura as Abby Lockhart and Kerry Weaver

ER - Season 6 - The Fastest Year (2000)

elephantsneedwater SENT: Links to watch ER at? I've looked everywhere and Im not going to make those free accounts or give credit card info. I'd just like a free, no strings attached way of watching the show before I can buy the box sets.


Ethan: I put the family in the spaceship so they’ll be safe.
Molly: Safe from what?
Ethan: Extinction.

Extant (series premiere July 9th, 2014)